Zambia National Dialogue
National Dialogue in Zambia
June 20, 2023
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Democracy Works Foundation (DWF) will be hosting the second leg of the Charter Project Africa Multi-Stakeholder National Dialogue in Lusaka, Zambia.The dialogue is a two-day event in Lusaka that will commence with a closed workshop session with the two Zambia grant recipients, Zambia Governance Foundation and Lobby and Advocacy Youth Programme 2050, including other civil society actors. These organisations will present their Democratic Governance Initiatives (DGI) and deep dive into civil society’s assessments of democratic governance in Zambia and how to engage further with the African Governance Architecture and AGA institutions.Day two will be a public dialogue and a platform for various stakeholders to share pertinent insights, ideas and solutions. One of the key presentations will focus on “Leveraging Civic Technology and Digital Engagement to Enhance Citizen Engagement and Accountable Governance.”To participate in the Zamabi dialogue in person, please email by 22 June.